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[Admin] 5corpionStarting Thursday (5/4) 9tx and 0tx will undergo a purge. All hacks, x-raying, duping, and other cheats will be LEGAL on both servers. There will be frequent drop parties, events, and OP items being dropped. The warzone region will be removed, leaving only spawn and key warps protected. The final days of the current 0tx/9tx will be mayhem.

The only offense that will be bannable will be ddosing/doxing. *****Hacking and all other offenses will be bannable on 7tx when it opens.*****

Show us what you've got. This is your one chance to hack and not get banned. Create chaos, have fun!!!
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[Staff] Dallas1117   ima ban all of you
[Staff] Zires   gunna have to fuckin fight me for that honor dallas
FoxFaceRs101   I'm gonna keylog the shit out of everybody

Around the 10th-12th of May, the current 0tx and 9tx servers will be closing ... BUT we will NOT stop.

We are working on something new, but as an interim measure, after the 10th, we will bring back classic 7tx! This will replace all servers temporarily.

7tx is a FREE place where you can hang out using Factions in creative mode, build, and PvP in special warzones with gear you selected and enchanted in creative mode. It will be a fun place to hang out while we figure out what we are going to do next.

If you're not sure what classic 7tx is, check out some old videos on YouTube from 2013. There's no rank perks, nothing to buy - but we'll try and keep your previously purchased ranks as prefixes or something.

Thank you to all who played on the current servers, but I'm sure you know why it's time to move onto something new. If you have a special build on a current server, don't worry, everything will be backed up. But it's best that you contact a member of staff who can turn into a schematic for you now, before we shut down 0tx and 9tx.

Let's look forward to 7tx coming back as a place where we can all hang out and play Minecraft - in any way you like.

After this, well, we're working on something special. More information will be released on this later as we develop the idea more.

Thank you for playing on the TX servers, hope to see you on the 10th-12th May.
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