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[Admin] 5corpionThe 5corpion accout giveaway has ended. C4Mannen won. So if you see my account online that will not be me.

We raised $422.50 for the server!
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[Admin] 5corpionI am giving away my '5corpion' account. It has the highest rank on 0tx and Hypixel, along with 100's of cosmetic options on Hypixel.

To enter for the giveaway, you must buy ANYTHING or donate ANYTHING to the buycraft store. One purchase (no matter the dollar amount) is valid for one entry into the raffle. For instance, you could donate for End and get one entry, or you could donate for 5 crates and get one entry. Or you could donate for 5 crates 10 separate times and get 10 entries for donating 10 times.

All usernames listed with the donations will be put into a random name picker and chosen at random. The winner will get the account. This event will last from today, 2/23/19 to 3/1/19. The winner will be chosen at 10:00pm EST on 3/1/19, and will be announced here on Discord.

You must have Discord in order to be selected. I need to send account info if you win.

If you have any questions, please PM me.

Good Luck!

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