0tx will finally reset March, 2015.

The original map, etc, will continue to be playable on another domain.

It should be noted that this has mainly come about through Craftiii's efforts. BlueFox, Chiverson and Kevaasaurus should also be acknowledged.

Ideas so far (not official/confirmed):
  • Completely new 1.8 map with new spawn, warps etc.
  • Greatly reduced world border
  • Strength II potions and Enchanted Golden Apples effects are significantly reduced
  • Obsidian will be able to be destroyed by TNT
  • Weekly Faction war
  • No OP donations
  • Chat linked with the “old” 0tx
  • Reset banlist (with a few exceptions/ddosers)
  • Player statistics on website
  • More cool stuff ????

Possible Features:
[*] Stalls replaced with a system similar to the Grand Exchange found on Runescape
[*] Mystery crates around the map

Donations and ranks
  • You will have new rank perks on the new map. Your old perks will still work on the old map
  • Kits will only work on the old map

Community feedback
If you have good ideas, please post them. This thread is locked, so start new threads with your ideas/feedback.